Survivalist Deadfall Trap
Survivalist Deadfall Trap
I'm familiar with the often-shown figure-four trap, but it is difficult to make and impractical to use.

I've devised this survival instrument to be used without the use of tools and to be simple, so you can set up a great number of them with little effort and time for maximum returns. The trap may be used alone, with bait, or with a loose tripline.

Experiment with configuration and practice it!  The angles and distances are somewhat exaggerated for clarity.  No tools are requried, just 2 longer sticks, one very short stick, a crushing or containing object, and optional bait.  The contact point of the crushing object should be very close to the main support stick so that the little stick takes very little force.

Be sure the ground is not soft or muddy!  You don't want the main support stick to get stuck in the ground!  Place the trap where your target will be funneled in.


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